About Us


Easy4Cloud originated and grew from the merging of research and technology development with the strength of the cloud.
Supported by professionals in fields ranging from engineering to marketing, technical assistance and customer care, we provide a complete answer for the demands of various business environments.

A company that accompanies businesses, professionals, and end consumers, with versatile solutions that can be personalized, shortening the distances between people and making communication easier.

An innovative approach rooted in experience developed over time and the continuous requests from clients. A way to grow together, which changes objectives in order to stay in line at all times with the needs of the markets and the requirements of our various interlocutors.

A solution divided into three areas that can be combined and differentiated in order to respond to various demands.

Easy4Cloud is simultaneously active in three main fields, carrying out projects that often involve more than one area of skills. In continuous development based on the demands of the market, these three fields are evolving and combining in order to guarantee a versatile range of possibilities for any type of user for whom they are intended.


In App and Enterprise versions, to satisfy different types of clients, guaranteeing maximum quality both in the mobile version and in more structured versions that are ideal for businesses.


The result of years of experience in the world of call centers, divided into various types that to date have allowed large, medium-sized, and small businesses to find the right answer for their individual requirements.


In either app or web-based form, in order to improve and simplify communication operations in a single application. A valid solution both to support companies’ marketing operations and to optimize some of the most common functions that are difficult to combine.


Easy4Cloud has succeeded on multiple occasions in combining knowledge of the field of CRM with the versatility of Unified Communication and the advantages of  VoIP in order to offer more complicated environments a complete solution capable of providing support and development in multiple contexts.