VoIP Rates


With EasyCall Cloud you reduce the costs of your calls and optimize the efficiency of your company. Discover the advantages of Voip. Choose EasyCall, the best Voip solution for your company:

  • High quality of calls
  • Neo connection fee
  • Call low cost
  • Unlimited channels
  • No fees
Can I use the VoIP line as an additional line?

Of course, it’s possible to combine a VoIP line with the traditional line and use both with the respective numbers.

Do I have to cancel the traditional telephone subscription to switch to VoIP?

It’s advisable, if the company does not have a dedicated navigation band, to choose a contract dedicated only to ADSL, to use our VoIP services and add one or more geographic numbers for reception.

How much bandwidth do I need to use VoIP?

Calculate the bandwidth required for your activity by entering the number of simultaneous calls that you normally make.

Can I keep the current phone number?

Of course, with number portability you keep your phone number, but you’ll need to sign up for a new internet connection.

Why has call quality deteriorated?

Check that your internet connection has no problems, the switchboard is fully functional and the phones are well connected.

Which switchboards are compatible with your VoIP?

All switchboards that support the SIP protocol are compatible with our trunks.