Payment methods

Payment Methods

Payment by credit card on-line
It ‘possible to charge the credit or purchase services with a credit card or pre-paid. We accept the following credit cards: Visa – Mastercard – American Express. The transaction is processed through Banca Sella’s virtual POS and Easy4Cloud saves the credit card information only upon request of the Client, who can select to memorize the data in order to expedite subsequent purchases. The User can delete the card information at any moment. Payment is in a secure and encrypted mode, in compliance with the security procedures guaranteed by the circuit, and allows the purchase to be completed in real time.

Payment by PayPal
In case of purchase through the mode of payment * PayPal * The customer will be directed to the PayPal login page. The amount of the order is debited from the customer’s PayPal account at the time of order. At no time during the purchase process Easy4Cloud is able to know the financial information of the customer. As there is no transmission data, there is the possibility that they are intercepted. No archive of Easy4Cloud. contains or maintains such data. For each transaction made with the PayPal account the customer will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer
If you are not in possession of a credit card, you can recharge your account by bank transfer or purchase services. Once you have selected your payment method you will find all the information necessary to complete the transaction. The timescales for crediting of recharge is about 4/5 days (depending on the bank) or by fax 24 hours ahead of the payment slip to our Sales Department.