User Support

1. General Information

1.1 What are the computer requirements for using EasyCall Cloud?

For the application to work properly, you must have an ADSL internet connection, use a Windows operating system, and use the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which can be downloaded for free.

1.2 How can I recover my access information in the event of loss?

Access information and the domain of your call center can be recuperated by providing the email address that was used for registration on the Access Information Recovery form found in the Support menu. To recover just your password, all you have to do it click on “Password Recovery” on the login page of your domain and an email will be sent to you with all of your access information.

1.3 Can I change my password?

The passwords to the single user panels can only be changed by the Administrator and the Project Manager, for their own users and those related to the projects for which he is the Project Manager respectively.

1.4 How can I top-up the credit on my account?

– Payment by bank transfer
If you are not in possession of a credit card, you can recharge your account by bank transfer or purchase services. Once you have selected your payment method you will find all the information necessary to complete the transaction. The timescales for crediting of charging is about 4/5 days (depending on the bank) or by fax 24 hours ahead of the payment slip to our Sales Department.

Our Bank Details are:

Account Holder: Easy4cloud Ltd

EUR Account
IBAN: DE38 7001 1110 6052 7971 50
Address: Handelsbank – Elsenheimer Str. 41 – München – 80687 – Germany

GBP Account
UK Sort Code: 23-14-70
Account number: 61513386
Address: TransferWise – 56 Shoreditch High Street – London – E1 6JJ – United Kingdom

US Account
Wire transfer number: 026073008
Routing number (ACH or ABA): 026073150
Account number: 8310146813
Bank code (SWIFT / BIC): CMFGUS33
Address: TransferWise – 19 W 24th Street – New York – 10010 – United States

1.5 Can I top-up credit for all the different services?
1.6 How do I pay for licenses?

Positions are purchased in the same manner as other services, with a credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer to your dedicated account within the Call Center Settings.

1.7 Where can I find the invoices of my costs?

2. Users

2.1 Who manages the users section?
2.2 Can I know which functions a single user type can manage?
2.3 Are Agents also considered Users?

Agents are manageable and can be created within the Users section, just like all of the other people working within the call center.

2.4 What details can be given to a team?

The teams, managed within the Users section, are defined by shifts and location, in the case of a call center that is divided into multiple offices.

2.5 What is the purpose of projects?

3. Call Center Settings

3.1 Who has access to the Call Center Settings area?

The Call Center Settings area is managed and accessible solely to the call center Administrator.

3.2 What purpose does the Call Center Settings area serve?
3.3 What does “purchasing a position” mean? What is included?
3.4 How are position renewals handled?

Positions can be automatically renewed by clicking on “Position Auto-Renewal” next to each entry on the Position Summary, or by manually clicking on “Renew” in the box dedicated to the positions in the Call Center Settings.

There is also the possibility of receiving a warning whenever your account falls below a predetermined limit level, or to choose a limit under which an automatic reloading takes place.

3.5 How can I buy additional services?

Additional services can be purchased in the same way as all other services in the Call Center Settings area: with a credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

3.6 How do I pay for products purchased in the Buy Products area?

Products can be purchased in the same way as positions: by credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

3.7 Where do I purchase voice credit?

In the Call Center Settings area you can reload your telephone account credit in the same way as other services: by credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

3.8 How do I choose the number of channels that is useful for my call or contact center?

Channels can be purchased in the Management section of the inbound dashboard by credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer, and represent the number of calls that you choose to receive simultaneously at your call or contact center. For maximum performance, we recommend that you consult with our sales office for an individual appraisal adapted to the needs of your specific business.

3.9 How can I activate one or more geographic numbers?

In the Management section of the inbound dashboard, and in the Call Center Settings section of the outbound dashboard, you can purchase one or more geographic VoIP numbers by credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. The numbers, with the prefix of the respective area, are active immediately.

3.10.1 What is the Preview Dialer?

The Preview Dialer is a system for the manual handling of calls that allows operators to mange the flow of calls and the amount of time between the first call and the next one autonomously. It is recommended for call centers that need more focus on quality of knowledge of contacts than on the amount of calls made by the individual operator.

3.10.2 What are the Progressive Dialer and the Power Dialer useful for?

The Progressive Dialer (1 call) and the Power Dialer (up to 5 calls) makes calls start automatically once the operator accesses his or her dashboard. They are ideal for anyone who needs to contact a large number of people in a short time and in order to maximize the number of useful contacts.

3.10.3 What is the Predictive Dialer?

The Predictive Dialer, which can be used with a dedicated web-based machine, reduces the waiting time between calls drastically and increases the performance of call centers by connecting calls to operators’ headsets automatically, without any need for interaction with the dashboard. The speed of the Predictive Dialer can be increased or reduced based on the requirements of the individual call center. The Predictive Dialer works best with at least 5 operator workstations at work at the same time.

4. Database

4.1 Who has access to the database section?

The database section can be accessed and managed only by the Administrator and by the Project Manager, if one is present in the call center, for his/her own project.

4.2 How can I quickly import databases?

There are two ways to import databases: simplified, by downloading the available templates within the application (Template XLS, CVS, or TXT); or generic, by creating a model based on the available fields.

4.3 How can I identify the nature of each list?

Lists are identifiable through different colors that indicate different types (ex: green for inserted lists, blue for active lists, etc…)

5. Communications

5.1 Who has access to the Communications section?

The Communications section is managed exclusively by the Administrator.

5.2 Can I insert preset email models?

The Administrator can set email models that will automatically be sent to clients during the negotiation steps or post-call stage, without the intervention of the Agent.

5.3 Can I upload files from my computer?

You can upload files from the application or from your own computer by clicking on New Document and loading the chosen file.

6. Telephone Campaigns

6.1 Can I personalize the surveys?

Surveys, linked with archived outcomes, can be personalized with all of the necessary questions to learn useful information for eventual future campaigns (ex: telephone provider, internet use …) even if the outcome is not successful.

6.2 What is the Data Form?

The Data Form, linked to the products, is made up of a series of useful personalized questions for sales and for the filling out of POs (Purchasing Offers).

6.3 What is the Key?

The Key is an identifier in the fill-out field, used during the writing of questions, which allows for the accurate automatic filling-out of POs and of the Vocal Order Script.

6.4 Can I change the information related to a product?

The Administrator and the Project Manager can modify the information related to products and the Vocal Order Script for Agents.

6.5 What is the Sales Script? Where can I find it?

The Sales Script of a telephone campaign is preset by the Administrator so as to simplify the task of the Agents, who must simply read what is written on the monitor in front of them during the different stages of a phone call with a client.

6.6 What is the Vocal Order Script? Where can I find it?
6.7 Can I deactivate the campaign before its expiration date?

A campaign can be deactivated before its expiration date by the Administrator or the Project Manager.

6.8 Can I insert a third number (of a partner) for the recordings?
6.9 Do I have to set the advanced settings for a campaign?
6.10 What is an Offline list?

The Offline list is filled out manually by an operator when the Administrator has chosen to activate this option. Personal data of other potentially-interested persons obtained during phone calls with clients are added this way.

6.11 Can I link a campaign to an outcome?

Yes, you can link a campaign to an outcome.

7. Managing Contacts

7.1 Who can manage the contacts?

Contacts can be managed by the Administrator and by the Project Manager, for their own contacts and those related to the projects for which he is the Project Manager respectively.

7.2 Can the contact list be exported?

Yes, it can be exported in an .xls format.

7.3 What kinds of summaries are available from the Contact Management?

The Contact Management allows you to view, for each contact, the campaign that is linked to it, the outcome of the phone call, and the outcome of archiving, as well as giving access to more actions such as private call-back, public call-back, deleting the contact, and adding a mobile phone number.

8. Supervisor Panel

8.1 Who has access to the Supervisor Panel?

9. BackOffice

9.1 How can I set the BackOffice controls for archiving outcomes?

In the advanced settings you can link the BackOffice control to the archiving of outcomes of telephone campaigns. The BackOffice will verify the correctness of the contracts, archiving them or, in the event of error and when it falls under its own authority, calling the client back personally.

9.2 Can the BackOffice contact clients directly in the event of errors in the contract?

If so arranged within the call center, the BackOffice can handle call-backs independently without having to send the contact back to the Agent.

9.3 Can the BackOffice consult the recordings made during the negotiation stage with clients?

Among the functions available to the BackOffice is that of being able to listen to the recordings made during the negotiation phase, to verify their correctness, and to send them to partners, when authorized, or to make eventual modifications in the event of errors.

10. Reporting

10.1 Who receives the reports on call center productivity?

The following have access to the Reporting section: the Administrator, the Project Manager, and the Supervisor of each respective team.

10.2 What is provided by the reports?
10.3 What is meant by “Quality of Service”?

The value of quality of service, in an inbound environment, is expressed as a percentage, taking various factors into consideration based on the definition of two parameters:

– Reference Waiting Time

– Maximum Waiting Time.

The value measures deviation from the Reference Waiting Time as a percentage. 100% is reached if the calls received are all answered and specifically if they are answered within the Reference Waiting Time.

The percentage declines if the percentage of unanswered calls increases and if the calls are answered after the Reference Waiting Time, but it increases to a lesser extent if they are answered before the Reference Waiting Time.

11. Operator Panel

11.1 What can the agent manage independently?

The agent can pass from one campaign to another from among those that he has been assigned, archive a phone call according to its outcome, and in the event of a call-back can choose whether to set it as public (to be shared with other agents) or private (for him alone).

11.2 During the conversation, can the agent independently send texts, faxes, and emails to the client?

The agent can pass from one campaign to another from among those that he has been assigned, archive a phone call according to its outcome, and in the event of a call-back can choose whether to set it as public (to be shared with other agents) or private (for him alone).

11.3 How are the calls initiated?

Based on the type of dialer chosen for the campaign, the operator will automatically be connected to the calls from his or her headset or can manage them manually from his or her own telephone taskbar included in the application.

12. Agent

12.1 What can the Sales Representative view?

The Sales Representative, on his dedicated panel, can view his appointments on a calendar that can be downloaded or viewed directly on the web. He can edit the appointments by adding outcomes, inserting notes, and uploading a hard copy for each single appointment.

12.2 What is georeferencing?

Sales Representative’ appointments can be made using a georeferencing system that automatically calculates the geographical distance between one appointment and another and provides this information to the Agent. The system guarantees adequate amounts of time between appointments so that the Sales Representative will be able to arrive in the right place without overlapping.

12.3 What is geo-dialing?

Geo-dialing is a system that supports the optimization of arranging appointments for agents. It allows the viewing of the records present in the same area corresponding to one or more agents and guarantees optimization of time and reduced consumption, thereby improving sales turnover from useful contacts. This system combines perfectly with geo-referencing, replacing a process that until now was handled manually and often incorrectly.

13. Appointment Manager

13.1 What is the Appointment Manager?

The Appointment Manager is an area that the Supervising Sales Representative has access to and where he or she can modify and reassign appointments made by Agents to other Sales Representatives. The Supervising Sales Representative is present only in call centers that have authorized this role.

14. Privacy

14.1 How does EasyCall protect data inserted into the application?

Our security system blocks users from accessing the data of another client, and from accessing the domain of a call center that is not theirs.

14.2 Does EasyCall back up the data inserted into the application?

The system performs a daily backup of all data inserted into the application.