Geo-dialing and Geo-referencing

Geodialing system

Arranging appointments for agents is optimized by a geo-dialing system, which allows the operators to view the profiles present in the relevant area for the agent, guaranteeing maximum operational capacity.

Geo-dialing is combined with geo-referencing, a completely integrated calculation system that facilitates the gaps between an appointment and the next one, providing quick improvement in agents’ activity. Geo-dialing considers the distance between the addresses for individual appointments by locating them on a map.

Software agent

The geo-dialing and geo-referencing systems reduce the margin for error linked with the activities handled by the operators and optimize the agents’ work, by guaranteeing a good sequence of appointments and more productive working days.

Even Prices are simple.

Starting from € 25* per month per seat. No annual committment. No hidden charge. Pay only for what you get.

Add more features to get a full experience:

  • Predictive, Progressive or Power Dialer
  • Automatic Voice Recording
  • Unlimited landline calls
  • More Inbound channels
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Software call center prices

Simplify the work of your call and contact center

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CRM cloud

Management and administration of the call and contact center entirely online.

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Incoming Calls

For an inbound call or contact center integrated in the cloud CRM.

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Outgoing Calls

For an outbound call or contact center, sales and telemarketing.

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Predictive dialer

Reduce all waiting times between calls.

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Real-time reporting

On the progress of work, campaigns, outcomes and appointments

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Call recording

Call recording both for quality control and for digital storage of verbal orders

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All the favorable rates for your business

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Appointments management

Management of appointments and closing of orders by agents and sales team

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