Real-time Reporting

Call Center reporting software

EasyCall offers constant monitoring of the progress of work, campaigns, results, and appointments scheduled for agents, guaranteeing real-time inspection of the flow of incoming calls broken down by parts of the day.

Call Center reporting

For the correct management and expansion of call or contact centers, the manager or a person in charge of managing the operators’ work can use monitor and whisper listening during conversations in order to intervene directly or suggest corrections or provide instructions silently.


flexibility and maximum control

The maximum quality provided by EasyCall fits perfectly into all sorts of host environments and guarantees flexibility and maximum control of sales, telemarketing, appointment setting, assistance, customer care, virtual secretarial services, and post-sales service activity.


Even Prices are simple.

Starting from € 25* per month per seat. No annual committment. No hidden charge. Pay only for what you get.

Add more features to get a full experience:

  • Predictive, Progressive or Power Dialer
  • Automatic Voice Recording
  • Unlimited landline calls
  • More Inbound channels
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Simplify the work of your call and contact center

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CRM cloud

Management and administration of the call and contact center entirely online.

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Incoming Calls

For an inbound call or contact center integrated in the cloud CRM.

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Outgoing Calls

For an outbound call or contact center, sales and telemarketing.

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Predictive dialer

Reduce all waiting times between calls.

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Real-time reporting

On the progress of work, campaigns, outcomes and appointments

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Call recording

Call recording both for quality control and for digital storage of verbal orders

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All the favorable rates for your business

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Appointments management

Management of appointments and closing of orders by agents and sales team

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